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  Huanggang Jin Cai financing guarantee co., LTD,Is in2014Years9Menstrual province approved by the committee letter,Huanggang people's government of the financing guarantee agencies of the investment and holding;Huanggang is the government.....

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·Company collective watch video etiquette training lectures
·Hubei security group to zhuhai started again“stay true to the missio、A prison...
·Jin Cai company7Branch of thematic party day activity and“July 1”Recognition...
·The company party branch organization2019Years6Month“Branch theme party...
·The company party branch organization supervisory object visit honest exhibition activities
·The company party branch organization2019Years5Month“Branch theme party...
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·Xi Jinpin:The financial economic living The financial steady economic stability
·Guard against financial risks Service the real economy——The central committee of the communist party of China...
·China's economy:The winter of warm meaning thick
·Let in the reform of state-owned enterprises
·CDB will be“Made in China2025”Provide no less than3000...
·Central bank report:Continue to maintain the steady and neutral moderate monetary ring...
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· Xi jinping, general secretary of the symposium speech in private sector 2018-11-14
· Financing guarantee company supervision and management regulations 2017-08-22
· Promote the healthy development of private investment in a number of policy measures 2016-10-13
· Network information intermediary business lending management interim measures 2016-08-24
· The interim regulations on real estate registration rules 2016-07-14
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· Huanggang first lending to state-owned network platform
· Zhuhai's first state-owned financing guarantee company set up,Effective breakthrough in small and medium-sized enterprise financing...
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